Apple Mac & PC Computer Repairs

  • Liquid Damage Repairs
  • Logic / Motherboard Repairs
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Cracked Screen Replacement
  • Battery Replacement

In-Home Repairs / Installation Services

  • Television / Cable / Internet
  • Home Office / Commercial Office
  • Entertainment Center Setup
  • Home Security Systems
  • LG Authorized Dealer

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All of our repair services have the option for us to come to your home or office. You may also choose to drop off your electronics.

Victors Electronic Repairs has been a community staple of the West San Fernando Valley for over 30 years. Our friends and families have entrusted us with their valuable electronics for repairs, and for that we are truly humbled and grateful. Today, we continue to service our community and have expanded our services to all areas of the San Fernando Valley. We not only can receive your drop off's here at our shop, but we also offer in home repair services too. We repair TV's, Laptops, Desktops, iPads (all kinds of tablets), iPhones (all cell phone brand and models), radios, gaming consoles, and many more types of electronic devices. We offer FREE diagnosis of your electronic(s), so just come by and let us take a look.  

Macbook / Macbook Pro, Microsoft / PC Laptops

We are experts at Macbook, Macbook pro, Imac Repairs, Liquid Spill, Shut Downs, Video Card Issue, No Video, Hard Drive, Solid State Drive Repair, Keyboard replacment. We are able to fix existing components.Rarely  do we order complete Motherboards for liquid spill. We have the knowledge and the right equipments to do it, Battery Exploding, Mouse Pad Dislodged, Retina Screen Replacement, WE do it all. I mean all. Turn around time can be as short as 2 days, sometimes overnight depending on problem. Please Come in and give us a try, we have been around for 30+ years. Apple Products are expensive, Our repair costs are a fraction of what it cost to buy new. Don't hesitate, come in and you shall be more then satisfied. 

Apple iMac, and All Microsoft PC Towers

Computers are your best friend when they are working and your worst enemy when they are not. We at Victor's Electronic Repairs have the knowledge and the experience to troubleshoot, locate problem and give you the client a call with a FREE Estimate. Windows 7, 8.1, and 10, are the only Microsoft operating system that are active. In Most Cases we are able to recover the information inside the hard drive. If your computer is slow or not booting, we just need a few hours to detect the problem. Mac computers such as Mackeeper malware (annoying), we will remove, restore and install an antimalware program. Today's viruses are completely different and complex, we get calls on our personal phone, " this is John Smith and I am from Microsoft and your computer is infected", it's a fake and hazardous, most calls are from abroad, heavy accented, they want to log in your computer and show you a bunch of errors that are part of your operating system. PLEASE DO NOT LET ANYONE ACCESS YOUR COMPUTER, IT'S ABSOLUTELY FAKE. For Pc users, if you are browsing the internet and your browser locks with a long box asking you to call Microsoft with a telephone number, PLEASE IGNORE, simply hold down the power button for 10 seconds until computer shuts down, Restart computer and hopefully all will be well.



All Series iPhones, Samsung and All Major Brands / Model Smart Phones

We Can Fix All Phones, Whether Its a Screen Problem, Battery, Even Removal Of On board Memory To Retrieve Data, We Can Dissect All Components And Replace Necessary parts.   Please Come In And Give Us a Try, Free Estimates on All Repairs. Thank you

iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, Kindles, and Any Type of Tablet

Do you have an iPad (any generation), maybe a Samsung Galaxy tablet (any generation), or possibly an Amazon Kindle (any generation)? Well if you do, you will at some point or another experience some type of trouble. Some of the most common issues we see and fix are: liquid damage, non responsive buttons, cracked screens, damaged shell, battery failure, not holding a charge, and many more. All these issues and more we can most definitely fix. We can replace parts on your devices to make them function just like how you remembered them working when you first purchased them. We are highly trained, very knowledgable and can even figure out if your issue with your device even necessitates us actually fixing it. On some occasions you may have a problem which the solution is to merely turn the device off and back on to reset it (if you are lucky). Of course, we will do a free analysis to see what the problem is, then give you the information on what it will cost to fix the problem. 

Apple Smart Watch and Any Brand / Model of Smart Watches

If you own a Smart Watch from either Apple, Samsung and any other brand, you will start to notice several issues over time, that you will have to address sooner or later. These small devices are fun and definitely have their upsides, but more increasingly are showing their negative attributes which has some people frustrated. If you think your Cell phones can't hold a charge for very long, imagine the shock you got when you figured out that your Smart watch was not only very limited in keeping a charge, but also robbed your cell phone of it's battery life too. There are several fixes for this, in most cases wont need to replace your battery right away, but just reconfigure some of the settings on it to help your Smart Watch perform more efficiently. Another issue you may encounter may be a 'Sticky Digital Crown', this is mainly seen on the Apple watches. This one is a quick fix and can even have your watch back to you that same day if we are not too bogged down. Bring your watch down and let us see what the problem is, we'll give you an accurate assessment of the issue and what it will take to fix it.

TV Repairs | Flat Screen TV's

We have been in the business for over 30 years. We repair all types of TV's, from Plasma, LED to LCD. Our TV repair services are exact in that we can tell you what the issue is right away and what it will cost you to get your television fixed. Nowadays the cost of a decent sized TV set is rather inexpensive. So, there are some instances when the TV is not worth the price of repair. We Give Free Estimates On All Tv Walking Repair, We also Do House Calls and Fix You Television In Your Home. We Fix All Brands, SAMSUNG, LG, VIZIO, Etc..... Any Questions Feel Free To Call Us. 818-366-9014, 818-366-6006.

Playstation, XBox, Wii, and Many More Gaming Consoles

Gaming console's number one enemy is overheat and that causes, no video, no power, and numerous different issues. gaming consoles are computers in a smaller box and ventilation is critical. Please do not place console on carpet, it will die sooner then it should. We fix all Gaming Consoles. Xbox. Playstation, Nintendo. Dvd replacement, Video Repair, front light blinking, we will fix, upgrade the hard drive on your Playstation. We do it all. Bring your unit in for free estimate.