Apple Mac & PC Computer Repairs

  • Liquid Damage Repairs
  • Logic / Motherboard Repairs
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Cracked Screen Replacement
  • Battery Replacement

In-Home Repairs / Installation Services

  • Television / Cable / Internet
  • Home Office / Commercial Office
  • Entertainment Center Setup
  • Home Security Systems
  • LG Authorized Dealer

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Home / Office Networking

Working from home or a brick and mortar office space, demands optimal computer networking for any business to operate

Internet, Wifi, Extenders, Ip address, dns change, maping drives, servers. what does that all mean. When everything is working with our computers, we are happy, If Disturbance we panic specially businesses, we need immediate response and super fast repairs inexpensively.

We can handle one computer and worked on facilities with 25+ computers. We have the knowledge and the staff to repair any issue. Please call us for appointment in house or business.

Networking Devices


The Switch part of the network is very important because it essentially connects multiple devices to a single computer network. This allows for data to be received, processed and distributed to it's end destination points. We offer in home/office installation.


The Router helps all types of (cell-phones, laptops, desktops, etc.) devices that look to connect to an internet connection. This Router is usually found near a main networking system such as a Switch, or a desktop computer. We offer in home/office installation. 

T-Line Phones

T-Line phone systems are often used in office settings. A T1-Line can carry up to 24 channels. Unlike traditional landline phones, T-Line phones are digital instead of the analog of the old. They connect via web server and become a part of your overall home/office networking system. Not all office working situations are candidates for T-Lines, please give us a call in order for us to help you figure out if a T-Line phone system is something you need or if you may be better suited for traditional options. We offer in home/office installation.