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Data Recovery / Backup

Sometimes accidents happen and losing valuable data can be a disastrous proposition

Back-up solutions today  are available much more then before, from cloud, external hard drives, flash drives yet majority of computer users postpone doing it and wait until computer crashes expecting miracles. Mechanical hard drives will fail, anything moving man made will quit eventually. We specialize in extracting your information off of the hard drive, Flash drive, Sd card or any storage device, whether electronic failure or hardware failure. Bring in your computer or laptop or whatever you have and we will troubleshoot for free and contact you with cost before any type of repairs.

Drives We Work On

Standard Drives

Mechanical Hard Drives Eventually develop Bad Sectors And or Bad Clusters, We have to Capability To Override The Clusters And Recover Your Data, We Give Absolutely Free Estimates On All Walk-In Clients Who Drop Off Hard Drive At Our Store, Go Ahead And Give Us a Try. Cheers

Solid Secure (SSD) Disks

If you have an SSD drive then you probably wont incur issues that most people may see with traditional HDD. With traditional (HDD) drives you will notice sound coming from them, a ticking of sorts, but with Solid State Drives you won't hear anything. Some of the tell-tale sign's are different for SSD's but you should definitely take notice and back-up your stuff periodically as a good rule of thumb. Let's take a quick second here to point out some of the indicators that your SSD is starting to die. 1) Your files are taking way too long to save and in more cases then not the files end up not being saved or you'll see an error message. 2) You may have saved a file(s) but the file won't open or refuses to read the stored data. 3) Your computer crashes during start-up 4) The drive only allows for read only instead of writing new data onto it. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please back-up your drive, save your data. If you do not know how to do this, please bring in your computer and we will look into the problem. 

Raid Servers

If you own or manage a Raid Server you will eventually run into problems. If you are not familiar with Raid Servers and how they're constituted, well, think of several drives working together to form one giant controller. The likelihood that one of those drives will fail is imminent, and the chances that another one will fail too is very high. Other issues that occur when someone is attempting to replace the damaged drive and does not configure it correctly, will see a complete system failure. Power surges also have been known to to corrupt the system, and in some cases eliminating all the data stored. If you are having trouble with your Raid Server please bring it in immediately so we can see if your data is safely stored still.

Apple iMac

Imac's and Macbook pro Both Had issues With Video Card Initially, Chrome Body From 2007-2009, On board Video On Macbook pro And Nvidia Chipset On Video Card Were Going Bad Due To Overheat, We Have Special Equipment That Can Remove The Chipset And Replace It To Keep The Cost Time, Drop Off Your Imac Or Your Macbook Pro For Free Estimate. Many THANKS

Microsoft PC's

PC computers are great, but do tend to see issues more frequently then it's competitor counterpart in Apple. Of course if you grew up a PC user you will swear by it, same will be said for MAC users. But growing up a PC user and being introduced to MAC over a decade ago, I was converted and have never returned back to PC. Now, lets discuss some of the common issues found with PC computers. Most PC computers come with standard HHD drives, these are made up of several moving parts that eventually start to break down. You may or may not be able to recover your data. Other issues that occur are a faulty graphics card, this will make your graphics stutter, glitches (weird strange colors), you may see a blue screen, at times a louder than normal fan may indicate that your graphics card is going, but it may also indicate other issues as well. Other problems that we encounter are bad power supply's. dead fans, bad ram, and so on. If your computer is starting to act funny, don't waste time or risk losing valuable information that is stored in your hard drive, bring it in right away and we'll provide you a free diagnostic.